Screen Printing
Soft touch Water-based ink
Ink that is absorbed into the fabric that will give a soft touch to the garment. We have the equipment and experience to make water based ink prints look their best - from the best in-house color separations, to printing with care and precision and to drying the garments after printing.
Discharge water based ink on dark color fabrics
Water based ink printing on dark color shirts with a discharge pass that will remove the dark color dye from the shirt as part of the printing process. Get the soft feel of water based ink on dark color fabrics. Cotton shirts are required for discharge ink printing.
Vibrant Color Plastisol ink
Ink that sits on the surface of the garment that gives the print pop and vibrance. Since it sits on the surface, prints are not as soft as those done with water based inks, but plastisol provides a much stronger visual appearance than water based ink.
Specialty Printing
We also do flock, foil and glitter ink printing and love to experiment with new processes.
We print on cotton, rayon, polyester and blends. We print on t-shirts, sweats, hoodies, print over the zipper, print on sleeves, fronts, backs, full fronts, etc. Don't know what would be best for your project? Talk to our staff to get their expert advice.
Screen Printing