Color Separations
We create separations - from the simple to the complex - from 2 to 16 colors - spot color, process color, simulated process color and index separations.
Get perfect spot colors form your vector artwork that are bright and isolated colors.
We can provide true process colors - your artwork separated into CMYK - but, colors won't be as bright or vibrant as they could be and getting consistent color from print to print and job to job will be difficult. CMYK separations use dull cyan and dull magenta to build images - it works well for offset printing, but doesn't provide the strong and vibrant color that can be achieved with screen printing.
We also provide simulated process color - use the colors that are the best fit for the job and mix specific colors to match the job requirements. And, we can go further with index separations by optimizing the selection of colors and minimizing the number of colors that are required to best reproduce the artwork.
We know separations, and we know screen printing - color separations done by experts using the best available software will enhance your work and make your job easier. Use our expertise to build color separations that will let you focus on production and that will help to make your printing as good as it can be.
Our separations can be delivered as digital files or can be output to high quality film.
Color Separations